Interesting Facts Related to Hong Kong Company Formation


It would not be undeniable to say that setting up of a company is indeed a daunting task that requires a huge investment of time and equal investment of time before you actually establish it. But all this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go further and have your own foreign business in a foreign land. Keeping all this in mind and thinking to go about Hong Kong company formation is a good idea which has different laws, customs and environment to execute business activities. To make things clearer for you, here are mentioned two facts of Hong Kong company formation that are suitable for any business investor to know before commencing the task of forming a company in Hong Kong.

No Need to Learn Chinese

Whenever the idea of Hong Kong company formation rolls in mind, this definitely triggers that there you have to have the knowledge of Chinese without which it would be difficult to deal with the business activities. Well! It is not so, the Hong Kong is a former British territory and has English as one of its official languages. So majority of business communication takes place in English and need not important for anyone to learn any other language.

Search for Dwelling Away from the City

The places for residential living are quite expensive near to the center of the city and generally the houses found in these areas are very expensive than many Western cities. So, better would be if you pick the house option away from the city center for around 30 to 40 minutes out of the city where rent is not such typically expensive and these areas are connected very well by public transport and therefore make the commute absolutely painless.

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