An Overview on Significant Information for Ajman Free Zone Formation

Ajman free zone formation

Almost every entrepreneur looks desirably to go ahead with the Ajman free zone formation when hear extensive and larger than life benefits of the Ajman free zone which the jurisdiction of the Ajman free zone gives to the foreign business investors. Now having known such result-oriented benefits, time now to actually look at the process involved in the set up of the Ajman free zone formation and that is very well described here in this blog for your understanding.

Trade Name and Business Plan

It’s important to thoroughly check the availability of the trade name before you start with the business processes because the trade name should not conflict with some other existing company trade name, otherwise, there will arise ambiguity and you might not be allotted the same trade name. Now focusing on business plan, then yes, it is quite an important step basis on which you will start your business proceedings and it is approved in 1 to 2 days and generally required for industrial and e-commerce activities.

Signing of Documents and Company Registration

Once you are done completing the process of the trade name and business plan then next step is to visit the head office for completion of the registration process for signing the legal documents and paying the required amount for the company formation.

The documents which are necessary to furnish at the registration of the company are as follows:-

  • Passport copy of owner or person-in-charge
  • UAE Visa
  • passport size photograph
  • Original NOC from the current sponsor if you have a UAE residence visa

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