A Brief Guideline on Dubai Offshore Company Establishment

Dubai Offshore CompanyDubai is one of the best jurisdictions which gives promising features to incorporate a Dubai offshore company as Dubai has emerged as a global hub of digitalization where the foreign investors can safely invest in their business dreams. The Dubai offshore company brings lots of opportunities and give high profits and a flexible way to target global customers. For better understanding here in this blog we have summarized a short go through on how you can establish an offshore company in Dubai.

Fix a Company Name

You should come up with three unique company names out which one name will be finalized by the registration authorities he company name must end with Ltd only.

Finalize the Capital Investment

You can invest as much as you can afford in the Dubai offshore company, there is no restriction on the amount of money can be invested in the offshore company.

Decide on who will be Directors and Shareholders

Well for Dubai offshore company, a minimum of two directors and one shareholder is absolutely required to form the offshore company at the time of commencing the operations of the company. So think well in advance and finalize the directors and shareholder.

Open a Bank Account

A bank account is necessary for doing all the transactions and operations of the Dubai offshore company for which you need to open a bank account in Dubai and need to submit the following documents for bank account processing.

  • Passport Copy
  • The bank statements of last six months
  • Completed Bank forms

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